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  • About Darsheng Electronic

    • Darsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan at OCT 1988. Mainly manufacturing Intermediate Frequency Transformer and all kinds of Coil,Most of the customers are well-known manufacturers.
    • Operating commitment
      • Efficient and Honest :

        Market- we keep efficient and honest creed to extend market. Only keep this attitude in this competing environment, we can have better communication with customers and get profits mutually.

      • Professional and Forward-looking :

        Manufacture- we maintain professional skills to extend manufacture market. With changeable in Electronic business, we should keep more professional attitude to make us better, whatever in material or manufacture business.

      • Quality Assurance :

        Quality- we have been devoted into promoting stability of products and trust; it is also a long-term goal for us. The person in charge of quality acceptance has been quite a long time in the Japanese company concept ,The best quality assurance brings trust to customers.We work hard for it and already get positive evaluates.

    • Equipment and Tester
      • Automatic assembly machine
      • Semi-automatic winding machine
      • Semi-automatic assembly machine
      • High Frequency Surveying Instrument MQ 171 Q METER
      • Low Frequency Surveying Instrument MQ 1601 Q METER
      • Power Supply
      • Sweemar Scpoe AM VP-8913
      • Sweemar Scpoe VHF VP-8915
      • Insulation Resistance Meter
    • Darsheng Electronic Co.,Ltd
      • Address : No.2, Zhongxing N. Rd., Tanzi Township, Taichung County 427, Taiwan
      • Tel : 886-4-25379812
      • FAX : 886-4-25383532
      • URL : http://www.lj266.com
      • E-mail : ift@darsheng.com.tw
      • Taipei office : Mr. Jerry
      • Tel : 886-2-22423203
      • Fax : 886-2-22453845
      • Uniform numbers : 23072130